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Academic Program

We believe that a rigorous academic program combined with a supportive social-emotional curriculum leads to scholar success. APEX academic program reflects the practices that are associated with high-performing urban schools: more time on task; standards-based instruction; research-based curricula; regular assessments; nightly homework; and horizon-broadening enrichment opportunities.

Teaching Methodology:

Regular analysis of and reflection on scholar progress is central to APEX culture and to achieving our mission.

  • Our teaching methodology ensures that students are being exposed to a holistic education experience in an active and dynamic learning environment, giving them the opportunity to achieve excellence by identifying and realizing their potential. Instructional strategies are student-centered and include active learning, inquiry, experience-based learning and cooperative and participative learning activities.

  • All scholars take the Terra Nova (Complete Battery for Grades K-2, Common Core for Grades3-5). This both complies with our Charter Accountability Goals, and gives the school an end-of-year snapshot of scholar mastery of grade-level standards;

Academic Curriculum

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